Agape Fest - Music Concerts - Third Day, Tenth Avenue North

My teenagers and their friends love to go to Agape Fest, and my husband will sometimes take a group from our church to events like these. There are several Christian artists that perform, and kids come from all over the area to watch.

This blog is dedicated to Agape Fest and other events like it for kids and adults everywhere. My son took a lot of these and its great to see that there are so many that others look up to that have a good message, encouragement and promoting what is so important.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to follow and or leave messages or comments. Thank you very much for stopping by. This particular one is in the Midwest, USA.

I hope to see more from Agape Fest and other things like it, like Rock the River in St. Louis.

In all fairness too, I want to say there was so much more to Agape Fest this year than we were able to capture, but this is a sampling of what I had to share. If you ever get the chance to go and see Agape Fest or any of these bands, you ought to do. It is much more than entertainment, its a message of truth, though some would disagree. You have to see and hear it for yourself to make a final decision however.

Third Day, Tenth Avenue North were a couple of other bands there. Check these guys out! I am more familiar with Third Day. There were a ton of bands there however, make sure to see it next time it comes around.

This all took place in Greenville Illinois, thanks to Caleb for taking these photos. :)

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